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Julio Gaige



With extensive experience in leading corporate group. Focus on developing business of high value for the shareholder, with a strategic vision and results-oriented. With know-how in the creation and consolidation of international companies.

Professional Experience:

Grupo Gloria - 2015                                                                   

Peruvian economic group present in the sectors of food, cement, agro business and packaging. Sales of US $ 3,500 MM and over 30,000 employees.

General Manager Trupal 2015

Business management. Sales of US $ 200 MM and over 1,200 employees. Report to the Board.

Grupo Ransa: 1997-2015

Leading logistics group present in the retail, mining, agroindustry, consumer goods, electrical appliances and textile sectors, with operations in Central America, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia and sales of US$ 350 million and over 7,000 employees.

Business Development Manager                                                                     2013 - 2015

Direction of the inorganic growth strategy of the Ransa Group in South America and Central America. Development of strategic planning. Reporting to the General Manager of the Group.

•      Lead the purchase process of Colfrigos in Colombia for US$ 41 million.

Ransa Centroamerica, (CA)                                                                         

Company of Peruvian and Salvadoran capitals with logistic operations in El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Costa Rica.

General Manager                                                                                         2004 - 2013

Business management. Sales of US$ 25 million and over 700 employees. Reporting to the Board.

•     Lead the business consolidation process, from the beginning of operations to positioning the company as a leader in the Central American market. We achieved this in 9 years:

-      Creating and implementing the strategic plan of income and growth in the region.

-      Increasing sales 18 times more with the best operating margins (13%) and Ebitda (18%), of Ransa Group.

-      Starting operations in all countries of the region with logistics services and document management services (Archives).

-      Improving the working climate, going from 47% to 81%, and managing to qualify as the company No.12 in the GPTW ranking for Central America.

•     Strategic sale of tailored logistic solutions especially for leading supermarkets in the countries of the region, decreasing missing items by 50%. This was a pioneer solution within the Group.

•     Successful negotiation in the purchase of 3 logistic companies in El Salvador and Honduras.

•     Leadership of the process to obtain the representation of C.H. Robinson and Agility for the region, entering the international freight sector and expanding the scope of service of the logistics chain.


CEO/Executive Panel Discussion

Day One

Thursday, 9 November, 2017

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