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PPI Award Finalists

Company Awards

Resilience - Managing Risk Award About

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The last few years in the pulp and paper industry have been witness to calamitous events, both financial and natural occurrences. The global economic crisis, earthquakes, hurricanes and other natural disasters have had a resounding impact on the industry as a whole. The asset protection and preservation is becoming more and more important for companies to build a resilient and robust risk management strategy. The industry has made major improvements in its property loss prevention record in recent years. We are looking for a company that has been truly innovative in its approach to loss prevention and has shown an ability to manage its property risk effectively.


The Internet of Things & Digitalization Award About

Big Data, Industrial Internet, Industry 4.0, call it what you want, digital information has already been used in the pulp and paper industry for some time. However, there is still a lot more that can be done with all that data that is being obtained. With this award the judges will be looking for the pulp, paper and board producers who are pushing the boundaries of data management, and most importantly using the information gleaned to maximum effect.

Tissue Product Award About

The Tissue Product Award category has been created to highlight some of the incredibly imaginative work carried out by tissue producers to keep an increasingly demanding consumer happy. Of course, the key to this in the tissue market is not just price and quality, but also innovation. This award will be presented to the company that has pulled out all the stops and has produced new products that clearly stand out from the more "commoditized" products on the market. It could be a new product with extra super absorbency, a new idea for a product not seen before, or even a new style of embossing or finishing that really makes a difference. The judges will not only be looking for creativity and inventiveness, but also more importantly examples of real live work that combines those two elements into a vital product for the end-user.


Individual Awards

Bringing Paper to Life – Marketing Campaign of the Year Award About

Print on paper has a lot of advantages on electronic media, for as start you can touch, feel and smell the paper and the ink. This is a fantastic opportunity for an “attack on the senses” which means that paper producers can dream up all sorts of imaginative campaigns to appeal to the end user. The judges will be looking for that special campaign using high quality printings and writings graphic papers that really gets across the versatile use of paper to the end user.

International CEO of the Year Award About

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This award will be presented to an outstanding individual who has set himself or herself apart in the world of pulp and paper. The winner will be the CEO that has delivered a strong performance and various elements will be taken into account, including overall strategy, financial performance and leadership qualities.

Mill Manager Award About

This award will be presented to an outstanding individual in the pulp and paper business, the often overlooked Mill Manager. The winner will be a top performer who has combined the intricate balance of running a mill in a productive, efficient and effective way, all the while taking into account stringent environmental and safety factors.

PPI Industry Woman of the Year Award About

Women play a huge role in the pulp and paper industry. From the mills to the consumers and all across the supply chain, the industry benefits from the leadership and vision of our female champions. With the PPI Awards 2020 following two days after International Women’s Day, we are recognising the women who have made a difference to their industry, their company and their workplace.

Mill Awards

Best Bioproduct from Side Streams Award About

Many mills are creating sustainability initiatives by setting up additional work-streams to capture and turn waste products into new products. Through this, mill owners are realising the potential for profit in the new products. Side streams from the main mill product have become important parts of the mill workflow in their own right. Through new processes, waste has been reduced or turned into profitable new bioproducts. Products within the bioeconomy are becoming an important revenue stream for mill owners as well as helping contribute to a reduction in waste harmful to the environment. The winner of this award will be the mill owner or joint submission with mill owners and suppliers who have created the most innovative and/or most profitable recent side stream product.

Environmental Leadership Award About

The pulp and paper industry has come leaps and bounds on the environmental front over recent years, and is finally getting noticed by the end user as being an industry that cares for the planet. This is mainly due to the fact that a huge amount of effort has been put in by individual mills worldwide. The Environmental Leadership award is a hugely a competitive award, and the winner will be a mill that has shown groundbreaking commitment to the care of the environment, as well as letting the world know just how far it has gone. The winning company will have gone the extra mile and above the call of duty to devise a mill-wide strategy that clearly demonstrates all the important areas of action and enhancement it has made at its facilities to address environmental issues.

Mill of the Future Award About

The recent wave of innovation is driving incredible advances in mill efficiency. As mill owners and those who assist mills unlock their potential harness the benefits of technological improvements, we are witnessing far increased levels of capacity and quality, coupled with reduced waste and downtime. The technology behind the Internet of Things has enabled greater connectivity and collaboration within production and converting lines; successful capture and use of big data has led to more informed production decisions; digitalisation is creating a common language across the production and supply chain. The winner of this award will be able to demonstrate that their mill, or their client’s mill, has adopted and utilised technological developments to the greatest effect.

Packaging Innovation Award About

As end-users have become more aware of the environmental benefits of paper over plastic, sustainable packaging has emerged as a growth area in the industry. The winner of this award will be the team that has researched, designed, produced and marketed a product that demonstrably opens up new markets and opportunities.

One particular area of note is clearly demonstrating where paper and paperboard can take over the role of plastic.

Safety Leadership Award About

Paper and pulp millers have long been striving for consistent management and meritorious commitment of occupational safety and long term performance. Central to the mission statement of the modern mill is a dedication to continuous improvement to safety, with serious advances made in recent years. The winner of this award will be the paper or pulp mill which has made the biggest advances and demonstrated the strongest commitment to workplace safety, becoming real leaders in their field.

Sustainability and Waste Reduction Award About

With the continued decline of landfill as an option for mill waste, mills have adopted new ways of reducing and reusing waste. Capture and treatment solutions have been at the forefront of mill’s sustainability measures to reduce the impact upon the local environment. The winner of this category will be the mill owner or joint submission from mill owner and mill supplier who has proved they have made the most significant improvement to the local environment through a concerned and planned change in their waste treatment and reduction processes.

Water Efficiency Award About

It is a known fact that environmentalists will be looking evermore closely at the way water is used over the coming years as the invaluable resource comes under increasing pressure from a burgeoning global population. And of course water has always been an important topic in the pulp and paper sector. The winner of this award will be the mill that has clearly reduced the need for raw water while at the same time demonstrating that—either by the aid of the latest technology, or by working practice—it is maximizing its usage by filtering, recirculating and reusing its current water consumption.