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Entries will be evaluated by panels of judges who will independently review the entries against the award criteria set out in each category. The scores of each panel will be collated to determine the winner of the category.

The finalists for each cateogry will be invited to send a representative to the awards ceremony. The winners from each category will be featured in the Paper 360 magazine issue that follows the awards.

2020 Judges

Adam Bushong

Global Commodity Manager


Adam Bushong is the Global Commodity Manager for Packaging at Dell, Inc.  In his role he is responsible for identifying and developing suppliers around the world to support Dell’s sustainable packaging initiatives.  Prior to Dell Adam was a Supplies and Logistics Officer in the U.S. Navy.

Bernard de Galembert

Innovation & Bioeconomy Director

Independent Consultant

Born in 1966, Bernard de Galembert holds a Degree in Economics, with a specialisation in European Affairs.

 From 1991 to 1994, he worked as Chief Economic Adviser to the Confederation of European Sugar Manufacturers (CEFS). He wrote two books on EU subsidies and programmes in favour of companies.

From 1994 to 1996, he joined the European Farmers’ Union (COPA-COGECA) where, amongst other things, he was in charge of setting up and managing the Working Group on Forestry.

 In 1996, he was as the President’s Adviser of the French Landowners’ Federation (FNPA). On the same year, he became Director General of a monthly trade magazine. He was later appointed Chief Policy Adviser of the European Landowners’ Organisation (ELO) in 1997.

 He joined CEPI as Forest Director in 2002. His competencies cover international (United Nations Forum on Forests, etc.) and European (Forest Europe, European Forestry Strategy, etc.) processes related to forestry, as well as policy areas such as wood supply for the European Paper Industry, certification of sustainable forestry, illegal logging, renewable energy sources, climate and forests, water and forests, etc. In parallel, he is actively involved in the global forest and paper organisation ICFPA (International Council of Forest and Paper Associations)

 Bernard de Galembert also dedicates part of his time in CEPI as Research & Innovation Director and as Social Affairs Director.

Bob Latham

Owner & Managing Director

Delphi Projects

Bob Latham runs his own sustainability consultancy, Delphi Projects. Delphi Projects specialises in providing advice and guidance to corporate businesses on Sustainability governance, decision rights, stakeholder engagement and supply chain analysis, inspired by the twin mottos of the Oracle of Delphi: "know thyself" and "nothing to excess". Sustainability and environmental responsibility have featured heavily in Bob´s previous

career, which includes 16 years with the UK based PaperlinX subsidiary Robert Horne Group, as Marketing and Commercial Director and for the last 4 years as PaperlinX Sustainability Director. Prior to that, Bob worked for luxury paper convertor Svecia Antiqua, preceeded by nine years with papermaker Wiggins Teape, during which time he managed the Conqueror brand worldwide in the 1980s. Bob is now a Advisory Board member of CS Partners Ltd, a leading London based Recruitment and talent management provider which specialises in the Forest Products Industry, Energy, Retail, Building and Food sectors.

Bob is a family man with a wife, twin teenage girls and a "sustainable population" of assorted furry animals at his home in Bedfordshire in the UK. When not at home or working, he practices popular control on any trout water he can find.

Bodo Kottwitz


BKay Tissue Advice

Bodo Kottwitz (BKay Tissue Advice) has long experience (some 25 years) of the tissue and hygiene product businesses.

Bodo's expertise covers market, Commercial, technical and strategic issues in the tissue industry. He is a pulp & paper engineer with a commercial apprenticeship. Since 2004 Bodo has been working with his own consulting company. He specializes in strategic advice in and around the tissue industry and has carried out numerous private client projects.


Clive Suckling

Independent Advisor

Weston Green Consulting Limited

Clive Suckling is a professionally qualified senior executive with over 40 year’s international business experience. He had a long career at PwC, where he led their Global Forest, Paper & Packaging Industry Practice in his final role until retiring in 2012. Since then he has dedicated himself to three activities: (1) serving as an independent advisor on sustainable investment strategies in the forest sectors, (2) undertaking various Non-Executive and coaching type roles in the educational and entrepreneurship fields on a volunteer basis and (3) leisure. He lives in London.

Donna Harman

President and CEO


Donna Harman is president and chief executive officer of the American Forest & Paper Association (AF&PA) and is recognized by industry leaders and policymakers alike as one of the leading experts on public policy for the pulp, paper, packaging, and wood products manufacturing industry, which comprises nearly 4 percent of the nation’s manufacturing output. 


Before assuming her current role in May 2007, Harman was AF&PA’s senior vice president, policy and government affairs. She worked previously in government affairs for Champion International Corporation and The Dow Chemical Company after serving as a legislative assistant in Congress.


Harman is the president of the International Council of Forest and Paper Associations and a member of the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization’s steering committee on Sustainable Forest Industries. She is also immediate past chair of the National Association of Manufacturers’ (NAM) Council of Manufacturing Associations, a member of the NAM Board of Directors, and Secretary-Treasurer of the Forest Products Industry National Labor Management Committee.


Born in Elkhart, Kansas, Harman earned a bachelor’s degree in public affairs from Anderson University and a law degree from American University. She is a member of the District of Columbia Bar Association, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s Association Committee of 100, is on RISI’s Top 50 Power List for the pulp and paper industry, and was named to CEO Update’s 2013 Top Association CEOs list.

Esko Uutela

Principal, Tissue

Fastmarkets RISI

With more than 30 years' experience in the global paper market, Esko's expertise lies in the tissue and recovered fiber markets. After working nearly 18 years for a large forest industry consulting company in Helsinki and Munich, Esko established EU Consulting, his own forest industry consulting company. Esko carries out numerous private client projects, as well as publishing Fastmarkets RISI's comprehensive studies on tissue business developments and global recycled fiber markets worldwide.

Graeme Rodden

Senior Editor, PPI

Fastmarkets RISI & IFPTA Journal

A native of Montreal, Graeme started covering the forest products industry as an Assistant Editor with Pulp & Paper Canada magazine in 1980, serving as Editor from 1994-2001. He then joined Fastmarkets RISI in 2001, moving to Belgium to become European Editorial Director and Editor of PPI. When Fastmarkets RISI acquired the publishing rights to the IFPTA Journal in 2007, he also assumed the duties of Editor of the Journal. Now based in Nova Scotia, Canada, Graeme continues as Contributing Editor of the Journal and since the merger of TAPPI’s Paper360° magazine with PPI, as Senior Editor, North and South America, of Paper360°. Over the years, Graeme has visited more than 250 pulp and paper mills worldwide and attended countless forest products industry events and conferences.

Ilkka Hiirsalmi



Mr. Ilkka Hiirsalmi has a degree in MSc in Engineering. Prior to joining Pesmel as Chief Marketing Officer he has held various executive positions in management, sales, marketing and business development in Valmet, Metso, RollResearch International and the Finnish Foreign Office.

Mr. Hiirsalmi has four decades of working experience with the last 20 years on the corporate management level. He is a member of the Finnish Paper Engineers Association, Strategic Marketing Excellence Group and Communications Executive Council. He has held several positions of trust as a Member of Board of Company Directors and he is an IMD (Switzerland) Alumni. Mr. Hiirsalmi has worked in South and North America, Europe, China and South-East Asia, and he has lived in the USA, United Kingdom, Sweden and Germany. He currently resides in Finland.

Jukka Kantola

Partner, CEO

NC Partnering

Mr. Jukka Kantola has broad experience of the woody biomass related industries. He has held various executive positions in Europe and in Asia. Hence, he has a profound understanding of the challenges and opportunities of these economies. Jukka is well-known in the bioeconomy sector and has a good grasp of new and emerging applications for wood.

Jukka established NC Partnering, a novel bio-consulting company focusing on the versatile valorisation of woody biomass for innovative applications. He and his company have played an active role in advocating the bioeconomy in practice. During past years NC Partnering has been involved in facilitating new biorefinery ventures, a relatively new phenomenon in the forest industry. He is also a founder of World BioEconomy Forum.

Jukka holds a Master of Science degree from Aalto University, Finland. He also holds an eMBA from Rutgers University. Jukka is married with three sons.


Nicholas Mockett

Partner, Packaging & Paper

Moorgate Capital

Nicholas Mockett is a corporate financier and has served the global packaging & paper industry exclusively for twenty-five years. His experience includes leveraged buy-outs (MBOs/MBIs), mergers, acquisitions and disposals, public company takeovers, and public to privates. He has worked on dozens of deals worth billions of Dollars around the globe. Throughout the packaging sector, he has been active in every substrate including rigid and flexible plastics, cartons and corrugated, and in consumer and industrial packaging ranging from pharmaceuticals and healthcare to food and beverage to bulk chemicals and agricultural film. Nick is a Liveryman of the Worshipful Company of Stationers & Newspaper Makers, Freeman of the Worshipful Company of Horners, a member of the Editorial Board of Plastics in Packaging, is Judge of Packaging News Packaging Awards, serial judge of Pulp & Paper International Awards, and speaks at Packaging conferences around the globe.

Paul Jenkins

Managing Director


Paul Jenkins is Managing Director of ThePackHub, a leading packaging innovation consultancy helping brand owners, retailers and packaging suppliers deliver a range of packaging innovation services. ThePackHub are experts in understanding packaging trends and run a packaging innovation database with over 3,500 initiatives. ThePackHub also host packaging conferences, publish packaging reports and offer technical packaging support.

Rod Young

Chief Economic Advisor

Fastmarkets RISI

Rod Young started modeling and forecasting in the pulp and paper industry in 1977. Since then, his work in international pulp and paper markets has received worldwide recognition. Rod now consults on a regular basis with companies throughout the world. He continues to assist in the development of the Fastmarkets RISI analysis and forecast of the world pulp and paper market, along with working on individual projects.

Rod became Chairman of Fastmarkets RISI on January 1, 2007, after serving for nearly two years as the company President and CEO. His new role includes advising on the strategic development of Fastmarkest RISI and exploring opportunities to broaden the scope of information services provided by Fastmarkets RISI.

Rod received a Master of Science degree in Forestry Economics from Virginia Polytechnical Institute in 1977 and also holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Forestry from Michigan State University.

Susanne Haase


Freelance Journalist

The trained editor Susanne Haase has been enthusiastically reporting for more than 15 years on the international paper and pulp industry. For many years she was responsible for the journals ipw (International Paperworld), Paperazzo and Biofibre Magazine as Editor-in-Chief. In addition, the native German worked as chief reporter for apr (Current Paper Review - Current Paper Review) and avr (General Nonwoven Report - Current Nonwoven Report). Since 2015 she is in charge of the Journal of the IFPTA (International Forest Product Transport Association), which focusses on the international transport of forest-based products.

Teresa Presas


Independent Consultant

Strategic advisor for organizations, providing in-depth expertise in EU affairs and international institutional relations. Particular knowledge in paper and broad paper related issues, including forests. Vast experience in leading multicultural teams.


Ville Henttonen


Fastmarkets RISI

Ville conducts manufacturing cost analyses, using a proven methodology to estimate the competitiveness of global pulp and paper mills in specific markets, such as European containerboard, cartonboard, packaging papers, graphic papers and tissue. Since joining Fastmarkets RISI in 2005, he has worked on various cost analyses, risk of closure studies, conversion studies, market studies and single client projects. Ville has a MSc degree in Paper Technology from Helsinki University of Technology.