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A Letter from the Port Host

The Port of Tarragona & Euroports TPS are proud to have been selected to host the 23rd PPI Symposium to be held in our city in 2019.

The city of Tarragona is a strategically-located enclave on the Mediterranean, less than an hour to the south of Barcelona.

Well-connected by land, sea and air, it is the ideal setting for organising international congresses and events.

It enjoys an enviable climate all year round, perhaps one of the reasons why, more than two thousand years ago, the Romans chose it as the place to establish their capital in Hispania. The most influential emperor in history, Caesar Augustus, found in Tarragona the ideal conditions for his delicate health and set up his residence here.

The legacy of the long Roman presence and its more than twenty centuries of Mediterranean history make Tarragona a treasure that visitors will never forget, whether they come on business or on holiday. Proof of this is that Tarragona has been designated a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Tarragona and its area of influence (the Costa Daurada) make up the second largest metropolitan area in Catalonia.

Today it is one of the regions with the greatest entrepreneurial, industrial and tourism growth in Spain and the Mediterranean Arc. 

In support of all this there is an extensive network of firms in multiple sectors able

In addition to a major tourism industry that includes the PortAventura World-Ferrari Land resorts with more than 5 million visitors annually, Tarragona hosts the manufacturing and logistics activities of multinational companies in sectors as diverse as energy, petrochemical products, agri-food and ecommerce.


Tarragona has one of the most exceptional ports in the Mediterranean and, thanks to its geostrategic location and the actions we have taken in recent years, it has one of the best growth prospects in the immediate future.

Placed among the five most important ports in Spain, in recent years it has seen continuous growth. More than 34 million tons handled in 2018.

In our diversification of traffic types, of particular note have been paper and forestry products. In 2018, these reached more than 600,000 tons, making it a record year in this type of cargo.

This figure and its facilities make Tarragona the most important paper pulp handling port in Spain and the third most important in the Mediterranean.

For this reason, Tarragona’s port infrastructure is working day-to-day to consolidate itself as a hub port for paper pulp.

We have a large covered storage area exclusively for forestry products such as pulp, cellulose and paper pulp, managed by Euroports Terminal.

The merchandise is stored in specialist covered warehouses; they are at the dockside in order to protect the products from inclement weather and any particles in suspension that could affect its quality. An important and fundamental factor in terms of paper pulp traffic and its consolidation and growth in the Port of Tarragona is, our excellent all-year-round climate and the proximity of the warehouses to the dockside.

To this we can add that Tarragona is strategically located in one of the most geographically important areas for the Spanish paper industry, covering as its natural logistics hinterland the entire Ebro corridor, Catalonia and the Levante area, where 60% of this industry is found.

Within this logistics area, the Port of Tarragona has become one of the main distribution centres in the Mediterranean for forest products. Recently, Euroports Terminal has increased its paper and pulp storage capacity in the port of Tarragona by 25% bringing its total pulp and paper storage capacity at their terminal to 30,000 square meters.

The availability of large docks in the Port of Tarragona and specifically in the Euroports Terminal, with a depth of 16.5 metres together with its installations, warehouse facilities and its versatility in logistics for multimodal distribution, benefits and encourages increasingly large ships that transport these products from South America and Northern Europe to consider and select Tarragona as their Mediterranean port of reference, consolidating and reducing their stopovers in the region at the same time as optimising their fleets and regular shipping lines.

In this regard, the Port of Tarragona and the Euroports facilities are already one of the Mediterranean distribution centres for many important international cellulose production companies, not only for the natural hinterland of Tarragona but also for distribution to other countries in the Mediterranean, such as Turkey, Greece, Egypt, North Africa, etc., strengthening its position as a hub port of reference for the forest industry.

Thank you for choosing Tarragona to held next PPI Symposium.