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Monday, 25 September, 2017

Opening Day


Registration and Exhibitor Setup


Port Tour Hosted by Georgia Ports Authority

Join us on the Port Tour!

1:30 - 2:00pm - Boarding at Westin Hotel boat dock

2:00 - 4:30pm - Port  Tour


Opening Reception Hosted by Georgia Ports Authority

Westin Harbor Lawn


Registration Closes

Tuesday, 26 September, 2017

Day One


Registration and Exhibit Hall Opens


Welcome Remarks


Keynote Presentation: Outlook for Shipping and Freight Costs

Both container and break bulk shipping sectors have experienced some of the most challenging market conditions in living memory. This has forced consolidation as well as dramatic financial failure, as in the case of Korean shipping line Hanjin, causing significant supply chain disruption. But shipping markets are fast changing with important implications for manufacturers and their supply chain partners in terms of rising costs and greater risk exposure. Understanding the key market drivers, the issues at stake and how best to mitigate these threats is critical. I will explore these developments as they relate to shipping, provide Drewry’s outlook and suggest remedies and opportunities.



Conference Session 1: Global Port Infrastructure & Strategy Panel

Ports have been described as economic engines for local and national economies, as well as for the international origin and destination of cargo movements. This panel discussion will explore discuss public vs private sector operations, inland infrastructure, and the global economic impact on port development.


Coffee and Tea Networking Break

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Conference Session 2: Inland Supply Chain Challenges

Inland ports face unique challenges while they play a linchpin role in the import and export of forest products around the world. This panel will explore the challenges facing inland ports including warehousing, transport, value-added services, environmental impact, and much more.


Conference Session 3: Role of 3PL's in Supply Chain

Third-party logistics companies play an important and growing role in the forest products logistics industry. This panel will discuss how are their services evolving, the level of specialization they offer, what shippers like and don’t like about working with 3PL’s, and what we can expect to see from 3PL’s in the future.






Dedicated Time with Exhibitors


Conference Session 4: Green Energy Panel

How is EU Directive 2020 impacting the wood pellet and woodchip market? What impacts are being felt because of the Brexit vote? Who are the primary sources for the product? These are just some of the questions our panel will explore.


Networking Reception with Exhibitors

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Conclusion of Day One

Wednesday, 27 September, 2017

Day Two


Registration and Exhibit Hall Opens


Opening Remarks - Career Opportunities in Supply Chain

This presentation will be covering what Georgia-Pacific does to attract, develop, and maintain talent particularly in the field of Supply Chain and Logistics. This effort consists of a robust and recognized college recruiting and internship program, as well as focus on aligning interests of the employee and the talent needs of the business in order to place the right people with the right capabilities in the right jobs. This presentation will also provide an overview of our organizational culture and our guiding principles and how talent development fits into GP’s long-term goals.


Keynote Presentation: Global Economy Outlook


Conference Session 5: Markets - Trader Perspective

This panel will feature some of the leading traders in the industry. We’ll hear their thoughts on what is happening across the supply chain and the challenges & opportunities facing this group. 


Coffee and Tea Networking Break & Dedicated Time with Exhibitors

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Conference Session 6: Breakbulk Carriers

Breakbulk carriers are facing tougher and tougher challenges. This panel will discuss the current breakbulk shipping landscape and how they are weathering the storm.






IFPTA Members Only Lunch


Conference Session 7: Container Carrier Panel

Container carriers have made a huge impact on our industry, but are facing their own set of challenges. This panel will explore trade routes, the continuing rise in containerization of forest products, and how they are handling this specialty market. 


Event Concludes