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Adermo Costa

Commercial & Logistics Manager


Adermo is the Cenibra Global Commercial and Logistics Manager.

He has started his career in 1989 in the Pulp Industry Sector, then he moved in 2007 to the Shipowner side (Gearbulk)

where he assumed the position as Line Manager overseeing Brazil-FarEast and Brazil-Europe lines including Mediterranean.

In 2013 He returned to the Pulp Industry (Cenibra) where also became a Member of Board of Portocel representing the Shareholder Cenibra.

He graduated in IT and has MBA in Marketing by UNILESTE, MBA in Pulp and Paper by Federal University of Vicosa and

a MBA in Business Management by FGV concluding the Strategic Business Leadership Program at Ohio University.


Mediterranean & Middle East

Day 2

Wednesday, 18 September, 2019

  • Understanding where the pulp & paper industry is concentrated
  • How is the industry is serviced
  • Growth areas within the Mediterranean and Middle East
  • Is Turkey the new China?

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