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Aliyya Mattos

Executive Director

PaperSeed Foundation

Aliyya is the Executive Director of the PaperSeed Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to strengthening educational opportunities for children and young people around the world. CellMark underwrites the administrative and operational expenses of PaperSeed, so that all donations go directly to helping kids. She is also the Founder of the Global Girls Fund, working for and with girls to advance their education, achievement and transition to a healthy adulthood. She specializes in multi-sector collaboration to increase educational achievement, harnessing business relationships and utilizing transactional commission in order support sustainable grassroots development work. Aliyya has more than fifteen years of experience in the fields of education, empowerment, international development and gender-based violence prevention. She is a graduate of the University of California, Berkeley, and has studied at Cornell University Johnson School of Business, Harvard Business School, the Stanford Graduate School of Business, and the University of Cambridge. She is enjoying seeing the world with new curiosity through the eyes of her young daughters and looks forward to sharing her work with them when they are old enough to pack their own suitcases. 


PaperSeed: Understanding the work of the Foundation

Day 2

Wednesday, 18 September, 2019

  • Engaging different communities to come together to help the world at large
  • Strengthening educational opportunities for children and young people in underserved and resource-lacking communities around the world

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