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Antonio Rognoni

General Manager

Compagnia Portuale di Livorno

Antonio Rognoni is presently working in Livorno (ITA) as the General Manager for CPL (Compagnia Portuale di Livorno), the company providing port services and stevedoring to the port of Livorno, acting as well as terminal operator through Cilp, the well-known leading Italian Company specialized into the forestry products and Automotive. Antonio has acquired a consolidated experience in over thirty years in the shipping industry thanks to his numerous experiences as the top manager in various sectors such as containers (Zim Israel Navigation Company), fresh fruit & vegetables (Dole Fresh Fruit), terminal operations & chartering (Clerici Logistics Group). He has established companies abroad in South America where he became a managing partner. Finally, he has joined in the world of pulp & paper since 2012 covering various positions within the CPL Group of Livorno. He’s married and has two daughters.


Mediterranean & Middle East

Day 2

Wednesday, 18 September, 2019

  • Understanding where the pulp & paper industry is concentrated
  • How is the industry is serviced
  • Growth areas within the Mediterranean and Middle East
  • Is Turkey the new China?

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