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Anu Kujansuu

Marketing Director

Kouvola Cargo Handling

Anu Kujansuu is the Marketing Director of a Finnish logistics company Kouvola Cargo Handling who is the freight forwarder on the block train route between Kouvola, Finland and Xi’an, China. The first train departed from Kouvola in November 2017 so the route is still mature and developing. However, Finnish forest industry has shown great interest towards this fast route where lead time is only 14 days. There have been block train deliveries of e.g. timber, pulp and carton board. Kujansuu is responsible for the key account management on the Kouvola-Xi’an route. She has over 20 years’ working experience from freight forwarding and Customs procedures.


How railways are evolving to meet the needs of pulp and paper shipping

Day 1

Tuesday, 17 September, 2019

  • Getting a grasp on what the Europe-China rail link is actually doing today
  • Exploring whether pulp and paper companies have been using it
  • Understanding its place in pulp and paper logistics
  • Taking a global look: Where railways are going today
  • How railways are adapting to the forest industry’s demand

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