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Lucia Filippi

Operations Director


Lucia Filippi is the Operation Director for G2 Ocean in the Mediterranean area. She has been in the shipping industry her entire carrier and started in Star Shipping in 1985.

She has held various management positions within Star Shipping, Grieg Star, Westfal Larsen and G2O.

Lucia has broad experience both in the commercial/customer care area as well as the operational area with direct involvement with stevedore companies, ports and customers.

She is heavily involved in the transportation and development of all types of forest products from both North and South America into the Mediterranean.

Lucia also has a Licence for Port Agent.


Mediterranean & Middle East

Day 2

Wednesday, 18 September, 2019

  • Understanding where the pulp & paper industry is concentrated
  • How is the industry is serviced
  • Growth areas within the Mediterranean and Middle East
  • Is Turkey the new China?

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