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Targe Bock

Supply Chain Management, EMEA & APAC


After working for 10 years in 3 continents for one of the global leading logistics company Mr. Targe Bock joined the industry in Sep 2008. He started off as the European Logistics Manager for VCP. He has been experiencing 2 major mergers in the industry ever since.  When Fibria was born he took on the integration of the operations and the design of the European network. From 2016 – 2018 Mr. Bock was also heading the Asian logistics. He has been deeply involved in preparing the logistics to receive the additional volume of the new mill of Fibria.  In his current role at Suzano he is the responsible Supply Chain Manager for Europe and the USA.

Mr. Targe Bock holds an Executive MBA of the University of St. Gallen. 


Pulp producers panel

Day 2

Thursday, 16 September, 2021

  • What future improvements can be made with the forest products supply chain?
  • Qualities forest products producers are looking for in business partners.
  • What learnings has your organization taken away from the COVID-19 pandemic?

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