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Field Trip

As with past conferences, we will be offering a field trip following the conference. While all visits are not yet confirmed, a brief summary of the field trip is below.

Thursday September 24, 2020

  • Begin from the Sheraton Lisboa
  • Visit: Altri Furadouro Nursery – Altri’s premier nursery, which propagates eucalyptus, pine, and other native species.
  • Visit: Altri Pulp Mill – Celbi Mill, bleached eucalyptus mill.
  • Visit: AFOCELCA – An organization maintained by Altri and The Navigator Company, AFOCELCA is a professional structure whose priority mission is to support the fight against forest fires on the properties of both companies.
  • Visit: RAIZ – Forest and Paper Research Institute. Funded primarily by The Navigator Company, the institute’s activities are developed in order to produce and transform knowledge into products, technology, and services in the forest, pulp, paper and forest-based biorefinery areas.

Return to Sheraton Lisboa and Group Dinner in Lisbon

Friday  September 25, 2020

  • Visit: Setubal Woodchip Import Terminal – Located close to Lisboa, Setubal is one of Portugal’s busiest ports and the primary gateway to Portuguese industry. 
  • Visit: ATF Pulp and Paper Mill – The Navigator Company’s bleached eucalyptus kraft mill in Setubal.
  • Visit: Nursery and Wine Production – The Navigator Company’s Espirra nursery, which propagates eucalyptus clones in addition to operating a wine grape vineyard through its subsidiary, Viveiros Aliança.
  • Visit: Harvesting Operations – The Navigator Company’s eucalyptus plantation.

Return to Sheraton Lisboa Hotel.

Field trip tickets will be available for purchase to conference delegates only and includes all meals and transportation to and from the field trip locations as well as dinner Thursday evening. Accommodations are the responsibility of the attendee.