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Attila Kovacs

Managing Partner

Trade Marine Limited

Attila Kovacs is a native Hungarian with BSc in Logistics from Budapest and MA in International Business from the UK. He has been working in the wood chip industry for 10 years. Between 2008 and 2014 he negotiated wood chip carrier charter parties for wood chip carriers as chartering manager in Mitsui OSK Lines - London. During this time he got to know most of the players especially in the Atlantic. In 2014 he joined Pacific Shipping Group - Turkey to establish Trade Marine Ltd with focus on wood chip transportation and supply. Trade Marine has successfully helped suppliers to establish new supply and logistic chains to existing markets from Bulgaria, Ukraine and Brazil. They are working with: bulk carriers, wood chip carriers, ports, eucalyptus/pine logs, chips, timber and lumber.



Transportation Panel

Day Two

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Freight logistics is one of the most important elements of the international woodchip supply chain. We have asked representatives from several points along that supply chain (port operator, ship broker, and ship owner/operator) to discuss recent changes in the market and key issues which contribute to ensuring efficiency in ship loading and ocean transportation.