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Christian Bachheimer



Christian is currently the CEO of ABI, in charge of industrializing wood plantations located in Kalimantan for an Indonesian conglomerate. He has been in the pulp & paper industries since he started his career in France more than 30 years ago, covering operations, technology, strategy and industry economic.

Paper industry has always been his passion, and he had made it personal to develop BMJ, a cigarette paper company of the same group based in West Java, Indonesia, to a world-class cigarette paper manufacturer serving multitude big name customers in the cigarette business.

Christian hold Doctorate in Business Administration, MBA, MSc in Strategy; and B.Eng in Paper technology, recently graduated from Fletcher with an MA in International Relations. He is married with two sons.


Panel Discussion: Southeast Asia Woodchip Supply

Day One

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Representatives from woodchip exporting companies in several Southeast Asian countries (Vietnam, Indonesia, and Thailand) have been invited to discuss the current situation and outlook for export woodchip supply from their respective countries.