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Denny Sabah

Business Development

Clarksons Platou

Denny Sabah spent a decade working for mining research companies and metal trading companies, as an analyst and trading strategist. His focus was predominantly on coal, iron ore and steel.

He has held seats on the Statistics Committees of two international industry bodies (manganese and chrome).

Denny joined Clarksons four years ago as a dry bulk freight analyst. He now is in a business development role, reaching out to commodity industries in which Clarksons has less of an established presence, and building relationships with new mining companies that have yet to begin shipping.

Denny has degrees in economics from the University of Birmingham and the Sorbonne in Paris, and a Masters degree in International Politics from the University of London.



How the woodchip industry can use freight to its advantage

Day 2

Wednesday, 23 September, 2020

Ocean freight logistics have been an important component of the woodchip and biomass supply chains, due to the large volume of relatively low-priced product being shipped long distances overseas. But in addition, this sector is facing new challenges, includng the shift to higher cost low-sulphur fuel in 2020 and the need to upgrade vessels for ballast water regulations in the coming years. This presentation will discuss these key issues, as well as the overall balance of vessel supply vs. demand.