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Doug Massey

General Manager

Plantation Export Group, Australia

Over 20 years ago, Doug started his career in the pulp and paper industry in Japan with Daio Paper Corporation where he spent most of his time in the Forest Resources Department as Strategy and Procurement Advisor. There, he had to quickly learn the research and negotiation skills required to interact effectively with most woodchip suppliers from around the world.

Moving to the supplier side in 2005, Doug first worked for a joint venture woodchip export operation, one of the larger MIS plantation companies, and then for Forestry Tasmania. The one constant throughout being his ongoing responsibility for woodchip exports.

Doug is now General Manager of Plantation Export Group, a joint venture between Midway, Pentarch and RMS Australia, which exports about 17 vessels per annum of nitens from Tasmania. He is also seconded to Allied Natural Woodchip Exports where he also is responsible for about 20 vessels per annum of natural woodchip from Tasmania and New South Wales.


Woodchip price trends

Day 2

Wednesday, 23 September, 2020

Delivered price is obviously a key factor in determining where Asian and European customers source woodchips, but it is only a part of the story. This presentation will explore how differing fiber qualities, port loading techniques and other factors impact the final cost of woodfiber in pulp production.