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John Bingham

Research Director

Hawkins Wright

John Bingham is an agricultural economist with thirty-five years’ experience as an analyst and consultant in diverse natural resource industries including agriculture, chemicals, metals and forestry. Most recently he has been responsible for developing the firm’s bioenergy practice and amongst other responsibilities he is the Managing Editor of Hawkins Wright’s monthly report, Forest Energy Monitor and the “Outlook for Wood Pellets” multi-client service. In addition, much of John’s time is now spent on single-client bioenergy assignments, particularly in Asia which is increasingly becoming the focus of growth in the global biomass market.



Outlook for Biomass Markets in Asia: Focus on Japan and Korea

Day Two

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

North-east Asia is quickly emerging as a new engine of growth for the biomass and bioenergy industrie, where Japan, South Korea and potentially China will see a rapid expansion in biomass-fired power and CHP generation over the next decade. This should create a large new market – rivalling that of Europe – for global biomass suppliers.

South Korean and Japanese imports of wood pellets, PKS and energy chips have quadrupled over the past four years to 4.8Mt. Questions remain, however, about the availability of biomass feedstocks at price points that are within the paying capability of the Asian generators.

John Bingham’s presentation will explore these developments, assessing the drivers and their impact on the increasingly tight Asian fibre basket.