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Jong Chen Foo

Head, IWC

International Woodchip Corporation

Jong Chen Foo is responsible for managing International Woodchip Corporation (IWC)’s global woodchip supply & trading portfolio, mainly ensuring supply security for Asia Symbol’s woodchips imported into China. He is responsible for managing annual 8.0 million GMT of hardwood chips supply chain, which includes sourcing from key origins like Vietnam, Chile, Australia and Brazil while optimizing the group’s 18 woodchips carriers. He has over 13 years of international commodities trading experience in petroleum, petrochemicals, chemical fertilizers from his previous roles in Koch Industries and Royal Dutch Shell. Jong Chen has a bachelor of Mechanical Engineering from National University of Singapore and a Masters of Business Administration from Alliance Manchester Business School.

International Woodchip Corporation is a wholly-owned subsidiary of APRIL group, which is part of the resource conglomerate Royal Golden Eagle (“RGE”) Group.



Panel Discussion:The Woodchip Supply Chain

Day 1

Wednesday, 29 April, 2020