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José Rafael Campino


Forestal Del Sur S.A., Chile

José Rafael is President of Forestal del Sur S. A., a company involved in the woodchip export business from Chile and Uruguay, in the plantation of eucalyptus and the trade of pulp logs and saw logs. He has worked in the forestry industry for more than 40 years.

In 1978 he joined Forestal Arauco, where he worked until 1986, year in which he started up Forestal del Sur, for supplying fiber to Japan, China and Scandinavian countries.  In 1990, he started up Forestal Los Lagos, a plantation company located in the south of Chile, of which he is a board member, and in the year 2005, together with Mr. Peter Lyford-Pike in Uruguay, started up Forestal Atlántico Sur, which exports woodchips and pulp logs to European countries and purchases land and plants eucalyptus in Uruguay for an International Fund. In Forestal Atlántico Sur he is Managing Partner.

He is Past Chairman of the Chilean Forestry Association, CORMA (Corporación para la Madera).

He is a Civil Engineer, graduate of the Universidad Católica de Chile and a Master in Science in Management of Stanford University.


Outlook for Chile woodchip supply

Day 1

Tuesday, 22 September, 2020

Chile is an important supplier of high quality E. globulus and E. nitens woodchips to the Asian markets, with volumes at a record 3.1 million BDMT in 2017 and 2018. However, this presentation will discuss how growing domestic demand will impact future export chip supplies.