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José Reis

Owner and General Manager

BSL Comércio Internacional S.A.

José has Degrees in Charter Accountant, Economy & Finance (Oporto University) and

Law (University of Coimbra)

He started working in 1972 at Kraftliner factory in Viana do Castelo in Portugal in Accountancy Department. In 1977 became Director of the Mill, for Human Resources, Financial and Administrative Operations. In 1979 he became Deputy Consulting Director of Portucel for Sales and Distribution.

In 1987 left Portucel and started his own Company as wood operation in forest and logistics. Importing from Baltic Countries to Portugal and Spain. From Madagascar to Spain and Portugal. From Congo to Portugal and Spain.  In 2005 started export of eucalyptus to Marocco from Portugal and Spain.

In 2007 he started a large operation in Galicia, North Spain, with owned machines harversters and forwarders as well as exporting Biomass from Portugal to Italy.

In 2014 he increased the export of Biomass from Spain and import from Venezuela  woodchipspine to France. Current operation on:

a)Wood operations in Galicia, Portugal and Spain

b) Imports from outside Europe for pulp and paper in France

c) Exporting business from South Spain to France and Italy

d) Long term projects on importing Biomass material from outside Europe to Denmark, Belgium, France and Italy

e) Exporting pine woodchips and eucalyptus from Spain to Turkey.


Some interesting new woodfiber trade flows

Day 2

Wednesday, 23 September, 2020

Jose Reis has often shared some of his insights on new developments in the European pulpwood trade, and will discuss some interesting new trends in woodchip, pulplog and biomass trade.