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Ryoya Hasuoka


Sumitomo Corporation Africa

Ryoya is responsible for woodchips and biomass trading in the EMEA-CIS region for Sumitomo as Manager for General Products & Foodstuffs Business in Sumitomo Corporation Africa, stationed in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Sumitomo has been trading woodchips for more than 50years, currently around 1.6 million BDTs or 3million GMTs. Also it has imported the first cargo of fuel chips to Japan, and currently largest trader of fuel chips and wood pellets in Japan, owns 3 biomass power plants.

Ryoya for the past 10years has been involved in North/Latin America, Australia, Japan domestic and South African woodchips and wood pellet business, for Pulp and Paper and Fuel usage, with 2years in Chile and Johannesburg, South Africa from 2019.


Panel Discussion:The Woodchip Supply Chain

Day 1

Tuesday, 22 September, 2020

This discussion will include viewpoints of three of the key players in the international woodchip supply chain: a major woodchip supplier, a trading company with long history in the trade, and the largest woodchip importing company in Asia.