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Taner Basaga

General Manager

Yildiz Entegre USA, Inc.

Taner Basaga has been working as General Manager for Yildiz Entegre USA, Inc. since 2011.  His primary responsibility is to supply Yildiz Entegre, A.S. in Turkey with wood chips which are used to manufacture MDF (medium density fiberboard).  Additionally, Taner is evaluating new opportunities and investments for expanding the Yildiz Entegre USA operation. Taner’s operation supplies approximately 30% of the wood chip needs for Yildiz Entegre, A.S.  In order to meet with this percentage, he is responsible for procurement, chipping, logging, and shipping wood chips from North America, mainly within North Carolina, South Carolina, Alabama, and Mississippi.  The headquarters of this operation is located at the State Port in Wilmington, NC, USA.


Turkey woodchip import outlook

Day 2

Thursday, 30 April, 2020

Turkey has long been a major market destination for softwood and hardwood chip exports from North and South America and from Ukraine and other countries. Economic conditions have impacted demand for woodchips in the past several years, and this talk will summarize the current situation in the Turkish wood panel industry and the outlook for fiber demand in the next several years.