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Yasushi Kojima

General Manager, Woodchip Department

O&C Fiber Trading Co., Ltd.


Name              Yasushi KOJIMA

Education       University of Nagoya, Forestry degree

Job history

1989                Join OJI PAPER CO., LTD.
 - 1994             Kasugai Mill, Forestry Department

1994 - 1998     Wood Raw Material Department, Head office

1998 - 2002     Woodchip procurement, Seattle office in USA

2002 - 2009     Plantation department, Head office

2009 - 2011     OJI LAO PLANTATION FOREST CO., LTD., Managing Director

2011 - 2013     OJI PAPER ASIA in Malaysia, Forestry Business Development,
                        General Manager

2013 - 2015     OJI PAPER THAILAND in Thailand, Forestry Business Development,
                        Vice President

2015 - now      O&C FIBER TRADING CO., LTD., Director,
        General Manager, Woodchip Department


I have worked for OJI Group nearly 30 years. I have been involved in wood resource for raw material of paper manufacturing.


Panel Discussion: Asian Woodchip Demand for Pulp Production

Day One

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

We have invited representatives from various Asian woodchip importing companies to discuss current and future demand for both hardwood and softwood chips in the Asian markets.