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Yoshi Arai

General Manager, Woodchip Procurement

Hokuetsu Corporation

Yoshi Arai is currently General Manager of woodchip procurement at Hokuetsu Corporation. Hokuetsu procures 1.9 million BDT of hardwood chips per annum and he manages whole process of woodchip procurement from contract negotiation up to the delivery of the woodchips to pulp mills.

Yoshi joined Hokuetsu Paper in 1990 as soon as he graduated school of Agriculture of Utsunomiya University with forestry diploma. He had spent first 12 years for domestic forestry management and built his experience through all stages of forestry business in Japan. Yoshi had moved his activity field from domestic forestry to overseas woodchip procurement in 2002 as the company was prepared for the capacity expansion of Niigata mill. Since then he has engaged in woodchip procurement from overseas countries. Yoshi also spent almost 4 years in South Africa from 2011 to manage timber farming business and supplemented his career for woodchip trading with experience on timber supply side business dynamics.




Panel Discussion: Asian Woodchip Demand for Pulp Production

Day One

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

We have invited representatives from various Asian woodchip importing companies to discuss current and future demand for both hardwood and softwood chips in the Asian markets.